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Friday, July 16, 2004

Saddam's WMD Discovered?  

What the....

This World Tribune article is dated June 11 2004. I only found it today courtesy of DownEastBlog. Where has this news been?

According to this article, most of Saddam's WMD was shipped out of the country before the war began.

The United Nations has determined that Saddam Hussein shipped weapons of mass destruction components as well as medium-range ballistic missiles before, during and after the U.S.-led war
against Iraq in 2003.

The UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission briefed the Security Council on new findings that could help trace the whereabouts of Saddam's missile and WMD program

The UN itself reports that engines of banned missiles have been found in a Dutch scrapyard.

Engines of two surface-to-air missiles from Iraq have turned up at a scrapyard in the Netherlands, according to a new report by the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), tasked by the Security Council to probe the country’s illicit arms programme.

Commission experts have verified that one of the engines came from an Al Samoud 2 missile – proscribed under international sanctions – that had been tagged by UN inspectors in the past.

Ah, but then the revealing part

UNMOVIC says this new development demonstrates the difficulty of discovering the scope of Iraq’s clandestine arms programme. “The existence of missile engines originating in Iraq among scrap in Europe may affect the accounting of proscribed engines known to have been in Iraq’s possession in March 2003,” it says.

Which I believe is what we - the dreaded neocons - were saying before the war!

That Saddam's WMD were shipped to Syria is a theory that is hardly new. Lt Gen Thomas McInerney and Maj Gen Paul Vallely (both Fox News Commentators) make the case for this in their book "Endgame."

Another World Tribune article (hardy a bastion of right-wing news) gets even more specific, claiming that his WMD are in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley.

U.S. intelligence suspects Iraq's weapons of mass destruction have finally been located.

Unfortunately, getting to them will be nearly impossible for the United States and its allies, because the containers with the strategic materials are not in Iraq.

Instead they are located in Lebanon's heavily-fortified Bekaa Valley, swarming with Iranian and Syrian forces, and Hizbullah and ex-Iraqi agents, Geostrategy-Direct.com will report in Wednesday's new weekly edition.

Of course, if this is confirmed it will put egg on the face of the "Bush Lied" crowd.

To be sure, US intelligence still got a lot wrong. We thought he had a lot of the stuff still in Iraq, possibly loaded and ready to shoot at our forces.

Stay tuned.

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