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Friday, January 07, 2005

Staples says facts are Misrepresented by Media Matters 

This is an update to my post yesterday on the Staples - Sinclair - Media Matters affair.

Staples denies that they ever pulled advertising from Sinclair Broadcasting. Here's their press release:
Statement about Staples media buying and Sinclair Broadcast Group

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 6, 2005--To clarify that Staples does not have a policy against advertising on Sinclair Broadcast Group news, Staples has the following statement:

Our media buying process with Sinclair Broadcast Group stations has recently been misrepresented by an organization with no affiliation to Staples. Staples regularly drops and adds specific programs from our media buying schedule, as we evaluate and adjust how to best reach our customers. We do not let political agendas drive our media buying decisions.

Staples does not support any political party. We advertise with a variety of media outlets, but do not necessarily share the same views of these organizations or what they report. As we have done for a number of years, Staples will continue to advertise on Sinclair Broadcast Group stations.

Amy Ridenour has been following this closely on her blog at the National Center for Public Policy Research. She reports on a phone conversation that the had with Staples spokesman Paul Capelli
Capelli, however, told The National Center that Staples stopped advertising on Sinclair news on January 10 because a previously scheduled ad campaign targeted to the Christmas season had ended. A new ad campaign, consisting of a different combination of ad buys, on a "back to work" theme had previously been scheduled to replace the ad campaign utilizing Sinclair news.
As of this writing, Sinclair Broadcasting Group has issued no press releases about the matter.

Unfortunately, Media Matters has not updated their site either, as of this writing still claiming that Staples has stopped advertising on Sinclair.

Be sure to check out Amy Ridenour's take on the matter at the bottom of her post here.
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